If you’re thinking about getting your real estate license in the state of Georgia, you probably have a lot of questions. This is a list of the most frequently asked questions we’ve answered and compiled to help you make the decision to pursue your real estate license.

What are the requirements for getting a real estate license in the state of Georgia?

The state of Georgia requires the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • Completion of the 75-Hour Salesperson Pre-License Course
  • Passing the school final exam
  • Passing the state final exam
  • Criminal History Background Check
  • Lawful Presence Form
What is the difference between a real estate salesperson, or agent, and someone with a broker's license?

You must be a licensed real estate salesperson, or agent, for a minimum of three years before being eligible for a broker’s license.

If I get licensed as a real estate agent in Georgia, can I practice in other states?
No. Each state has its own set of requirements for obtaining a real estate license.
If I am licensed as a real estate agent in another state, how do I go about getting licensed in Georgia?

It depends on whether or not we are reciprocal with the state in which you are currently licensed. We suggest you contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission to find out what the specific requirements will be.

Once I obtain my real estate license, are there any other educational requirements for maintaining my license?
The state of Georgia requires a 25-hour post-license course to be taken within the first year of being a licensed real estate agent. After that, 36 hours of continuing education, with 3 of the hours being Georgia License Law, will be required every 4 years.
How often do I have to renew my real estate license?

Your Georgia real estate license must be renewed every four years./p>

Is a residential real estate license separate or different from a commercial real estate license?

No. There is only one real estate license. An agent can choose which market to serve after acquiring a license.

Is an instructor-led real estate course better than a self-paced online real estate course?

Both courses will provide the knowledge and tools necessary to pass the school and state final exams, so it depends on which way you prefer to learn. Some prefer the self-paced real estate courses, while others prefer to have a live instructor.

What is the difference between a live, instructor-led real estate class and an online, self-paced real estate class?
  • The online, self-paced courses are pre-recorded and they are available to access any time, day or night, for up to six months.
  • The live, instructor-led classes are scheduled for specific dates and times.
Which real estate brokerage should I place my license with?
As a school, the Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that we remain neutral. For that reason, we cannot recommend one real estate brokerage over another. With that being said, we do recommend you shop around and look into some different real estate brokerages. They are all very different from each other. You’ll want to choose one that you believe you will work well with and one that will provide you with the types of resources and support you are looking for to build and run your real estate business.
How can I check to see how many hours of continuing education I have and how many I still need?

The Georgia Real Estate Commission keeps track of all CE (continuing education) hours reported to them. Visit their website, https://grec.state.ga.us/, choose the Online Service Login, and enter your credentials. All the information about your real estate license will be displayed. If you’ve never logged in to their site, you can create an account just by entering your social security number and date of birth.

How long will it take to get my real estate license?
  • A live, instructor-led, day class lasts about four weeks, while an evening class lasts about five. Once you complete the real estate course, you should plan to take the school real estate exam within two weeks and the state real estate exam within two weeks. The total amount of time can equal eight to ten weeks.
  • A self-paced, online class is available for up to six months. We recommend that you complete the online real estate course and take the school real estate exam within three months.
How much does it cost to become a licensed real estate agent?
  • Classes range from $199 – $399 (Including materials)
  • Criminal History Background ranges from $5 – $20
  • State test $115
  • License fee $176